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Outwitted! The Teenage Years – Life with the Comeback Kids, Volume II

After Outwitted! The Early Years* originally came out in 2019,
 the kids really got the bit between their collective 
teeth, convinced they now had a free rein to 
demolish their mother at every opportunity. 
(As though they didn’t believe that already.)

 Being much smarter and more talkative than 
they were previously, they have enthusiastically 
provided more than enough material for Volume II; 
the kind of wisecracks that have now earned 
them the title The Comeback Kids.

 Their mother has fought back valiantly, but who has triumphed? You can be the judge of that.

The kids are back, and the burns are more brutal than ever!

—C. L. Taylor

This time there are hormones!

—Anthony Steven

Available from paperback, £4.99 +P&P

Cover image for Outwitted! The Teenage Years - a teenager's drawing of her family

Outwitted! The Early Years – Life with the Comeback Kids, Volume I

Outwitted! The Early Years charts the last ten years of everyday life for Leigh Forbes and her three children: the Small Boy, the Small Girl, and the Smaller Girl (one of whom is now larger than she is).

Occasionally, the children allow her to teach and guide them, and share the wisdom of her years – as is fitting for her role as a parent – but more often, they totally get one over. This book, compiled from updates originally posted to social media, is a lasting record of those roastings.

With additional offerings from her sister, her dad, the cat, and some random bloke in the cinema (amongst others), together with a range of funny, whimsical, and sometimes poignant observations on parenting in general, this collection offers an insight into one mother’s experience on the front line of family life.

Praise for Outwitted! The Early Years
“An absolute delight to read.”
“Featuring wisecracks, sleeptalking, point-scoring and wine.”
“Funny, insightful with beautiful illustrations.”
“Any parent will relate to this … Fabulous little anecdotes.”
“Very funny and so true, couldn’t stop laughing.”
“I have driven my partner mad, laughing out loud reading this in bed.”
“A highly recommended collection of smiles in print.”

Available from paperback, £4.99 +P&P

Cover image for Outwitted! The Early Years - a child's drawing of her family

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