Professional design and layout for the publishing and self-publishing community

Have your ebook programmed by Blot Publishing and benefit from:
• professional layout
• complete control over design*
• no auto-conversion glitches
• knowledgeable advice and guidance
• help with the uploading process
• three e-proofs included

*within the publishing platform's constraints

In addition, and because the process can be daunting for many, Leigh is happy to be on hand with expert advice and support until your book is published. You won't be on your own.

Prices start at £30 + 2p per 1000 words

Please get in touch for more information or to talk through your project

image of cascading syle sheet coding

Example of a text-only ebook
The Lost Thumb
by Orla Owen

example of a text-only layout

2019, Lavender Publishing
ebook, 192pp, ISBN 9781916036611

Example of an illustrated ebook
Making Friends with Your Fertiliy
by Sarah Rayner

example of an illustrated layout

2017, Creative Pumpkin Publishing
ebook, 194pp, ISBN 9780995794856