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Dear UK-based Indie Authors,

At one point in 2018, life become very difficult for me and my kids, and great kindness was shown to us by a heart-warming number of friends and family. Since then, I determined to pay forward this kindness via the most effective method I know: typography.

Several times a year, I offer one of my services for free for up to three UK-based indie authors. Usually, this is a confidential typesetting-assessment + report (worth £60) of a self-published paperback or ebook, but occasionally I offer a complete page-set (worth £250+), again of either a paperback or ebook.

This pay-it-forward scheme is open to any UK-based indie author who is either new to the self-publishing process (or completely overwhelmed by it all), and/or any indie authors who fall into any one of the following categories: • single parents or prime carers for other family members • those on low incomes • members of the BAME community • domestic abuse survivors • anyone with a disability (including those with hidden disabilities).

As this is all based on goodwill, I don't ask for any proof of your situation (although I will ask for rough details), so I'm relying on you to please NOT apply if you can realistically afford to pay for these services and/or don't really need the practical support (I'm often able to help with simple problems on Twitter). I'm keen to help those who will benefit the most.

Keep an eye on my Twitter profile for details of the current offer.

Kindest regards,

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